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Virtual Field Trips and Artist Residency Program (Grades K–12)

MIM is pleased to offer four standards-based video collections for Spring 2021, including three virtual field trips and one virtual Artist Residency. Each field trip video collection is designed to support a dynamic learning experience for students to explore geography, discover MIM’s galleries, and create music. In addition to an orientation video introducing students to MIM, each collection includes 5–7 tour videos, 5+ activities, 50–80+ minutes of content, an educator guide with standards, and a student activity sheet.

MIM’s virtual Artist Residency Program provides students opportunities to learn about music firsthand through a prerecorded, interactive, and fun performance. Students will participate in engaged and attentive listening, interpret cultural meaning, and interact with culture bearers in order to situate themselves in the global environment and foster appreciation of diverse cultures. As an optional bonus, students may attend a live Q&A session with the artist(s) via Zoom on selected dates.

Cost per video collection for one semester: $2 per student; $200 per school; $1,000 per district; free access may be available to students from Title I schools and programs

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Spring 2021 Video Collections

Virtual STEM Tour

Grades K–8 Including 7 hands-on activities and 7 activity sheets!
This field trip video collection is designed for students in grades K–8 and provides a dynamic, STEM-based learning experience for students to discover how musical instruments are made and how they work. Grounded in Arizona K–12 and Next Generation Science Standards, seven inquiry-based videos with tangible musical explorations guide students through a series of steps to discover the science of sound. The five types of instruments featured in the STEM videos are:
  • aerophones
  • chordophones
  • electrophones
  • idiophones
  • membranophones
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Virtual Musical Menagerie Tour

Grades K–2 This video collection is designed for students in grades K–2 and introduces concepts of animal imagery and symbolism through instruments and objects. All five videos are standards-based and contain geographic and contextual grounding for the topic and an engagement piece for students to create, move, or make music. The countries and regions featured in the Musical Menagerie videos include:
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Mongolia
  • Italy
  • Andean Highlands: Peru & Bolivia
  • Northwest Coast (USA/Canada)
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Virtual Discovery Tour

Grades 3–12 This video collection is designed for students in grades 3–12 and explores community music making and various musical journeys—demonstrating that when people move throughout the world, their instruments and music move with them. All five videos are standards-based and contain geographic and contextual grounding for the topic and an engagement piece for students to create, move, or make music. The regions and countries featured in the Discovery videos include:
  • Tanzania
  • Philippines
  • Brazil
  • Louisiana
  • Europe
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Virtual Mega Ran Artist Residency

Grades K–12 Follow along with rapper and former middle school teacher Raheem Jarbo (a.k.a. Mega Ran) during a high-energy performance in the MIM Music Theater and learn more about the elements of hip hop and its history. Joined by dancers from Jukebox Dance Studio, a local visual artist, and a music industry entrepreneur, the residency brings the diversity of hip hop to life with original music and iconic, pop-culture influenced dance moves. The virtual Artist Residency package includes*:
  • A prerecorded 40-minute educational concert
  • Pre- and post-video educational materials
  • An optional LIVE Zoom session with the artists on Friday, February 19, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. or Thursday, May 6, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. (AZ standard time)
*Artist Residency materials are available January 4 through May 28, 2021.
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LIVE! Online Musical Adventures (Grades K–6)

Embark on a virtual musical journey with LIVE! Online Musical Adventures, an educational program designed for groups of 8 to 30 students in grades K–6. Participants will discover new cultures by actively participating in music making, crafting musical instruments, and virtually exploring MIM’s exhibits with up to two designated tour guides! This class currently focuses on American blues and zydeco music. Participants will craft harmonicas, spoons, and a washboard.

Class length: 1 hour

Cost: $15 per student; price includes instrument-building kit; free access may be available to students from Title I schools and programs

Schedule subject to instructor availability. For scheduling, please email

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Virtual Resources for Educators and Students

MIM has reimagined some of our most popular curricular activities to be accessible so students, caregivers, and educators alike can explore the world of music virtually. All lessons include age-appropriate hands-on activities and video resources. Offerings are free and include:

MIM is also on Flipgrid. Use join code “mimphx” to access grid topics designed for pre-K through high school students.

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Online MIMkids Programs for Ages 0–10

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