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Virtual Field Trips (Grades K–12)

MIM is pleased to offer three standards-based video collections, each designed to support a dynamic learning experience for students to explore world cultures, discover MIM’s galleries, and create music. Educator materials are included with each collection.

Virtual STEM Tour | Grades K–8
Virtual Musical Menagerie Tour | Grades K–2
Virtual Discovery Tour | Grades 3–12

Discovery Tour Videos Image

More Video Collections for Kids

Musical Menagerie (Ages 5–7)

Unlimited Streaming!
$3 per video; $12 for the collection

This video collection takes little ones on a tour of the world introducing concepts of animal imagery and symbolism through instruments and objects.

Discovery (Ages 8–13)

Unlimited Streaming!
$3 per video; $12 for the collection

Kids will explore community music making and various musical journeys—demonstrating that when people move throughout the world, their instruments and music move with them.

Senior Wellness Video Collections

Visit some of MIM’s most popular exhibits with museum curators, and have fun moving and making music through activities specially created for these videos by the Arizona State University Music Therapy program!