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Todd Snider Opening Act: Matt McCormack


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This performance may contain adult language and themes.

an excerpt from “todd snider”
by todd snider

on this tour i am coming to town with nothing but my
guitar and stories
like the old days.
you know . . .
pick a little
talk a little
pick a little
talk a little
cheap cheap cheap
talk a lot
pick a little more.
and not to brag,
but i also wrote a book that everybody loves
so i am an author now.
plus i play everywhere,
pretty much all the time
everybody shows up
and they pretty much always love it.

He has carved out his own niche as a storyteller with a wit to rival John Prine, the folk heart of early Bob Dylan and the ragged glory of the Rolling Stones.


Seasoned singer-songwriter Todd Snider might be known as much for the stories he tells between songs as the songs themselves.

Iowa City Press-Citizen

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