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Jane Bunnett and Maqueque


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Five years since its inception, the sextet only has gotten stronger, tighter, funkier, and the music on its third album bears the unmistakeable confidence of a band that has found its voice, and is eager to speak with it.


Grammy-nominated musician Jane Bunnett is known for her creative integrity, improvisational daring, and courageous artistry. Her exploration of Afro-Cuban melodies expresses the universality of music, and her ability to embrace and showcase the rhythms and culture of Cuba has been groundbreaking. She has toured the world, bringing her own special sound to numerous jazz festivals, displaying her versatility as a flutist, saxophone player, and pianist.

A five-time Juno Award winner, Bunnett has turned her bands and recordings into showcases for the finest musical talent from Canada, the U.S., and Cuba. With the all-female jazz group Maqueque, Bunnett has created something new and phenomenal in the world of jazz. What started out five years ago as a project to record and mentor young, brilliant Cuban female musicians has become one of the top groups on the North American jazz scene.

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