Shaping a brighter future through the Music Matters campaign

Colorado natives Suzy and Cap Witzler visited MIM for the first time shortly after it opened and instantly fell in love with its interactive galleries and celebration of the world’s music. The Witzlers have supported MIM since 2010, most recently contributing to the Music Matters campaign. We spoke with Suzy and Cap about their passion for music and what it means to be a part of MIM’s 10th anniversary.

The Music Matters campaign helps further MIM’s mission while sustaining and expanding educational programming. Why do you think music education is important?
For me, MIM really emphasizes the amazing commonality that musical expression has around the world. I think experiencing that and being exposed to music through MIM’s educational programs can help build bridges among people.

Cap: MIM’s not a static museum—it’s always evolving and is incredibly interactive and hands-on. MIM shares the world’s music and diverse cultures in a nonpolitical and nonaggressive way that I think can educate our future leaders.

What does it mean to you that MIM is celebrating its 10th anniversary?
Suzy: It’s a true reason to celebrate. I think the dedication of MIM’s team members, board, donors, and community have helped make it a real success story. We love introducing our friends to MIM, and every single visit to the museum expands my horizons of the world’s music.

Cap: MIM’s founder Bob Ulrich had a vision and brought it to fruition, and the world welcomed a missing piece when the museum opened.

Through your support, what kind of impact do you hope to have on MIM and the community?
Suzy: I love music because I think it has the ability to transport people. It’s a very special art form that’s universal throughout the world. I’m hoping the Music Matters campaign is a real success to bring MIM into a sustainable future so it can continue sharing the power of music with even more people.