A former team member invests in the future through MIM’s Legacy Circle

Guests may recognize Dan Martin’s friendly face: He was a MIM team member for more than 10 years, starting his journey on the security team and eventually transitioning to Guest Service. He left to pursue other opportunities in 2021, but his love for music, the museum, and the guests has kept him coming back as a volunteer.

Over the years, Dan’s appreciation for MIM’s mission has deepened. As he began thinking about his estate-planning options, he could not help but consider supporting MIM. Becoming a Legacy Circle member felt like the perfect way to help sustain the power of music for generations to come.

“Even though estate planning isn’t something many millennials have on their to-do list, it was important to me to make sure that my support of MIM would continue into the future,” Dan says.

The Legacy Circle honors people who have included gifts to MIM in their wills, trusts, retirement plans, or life insurance policies. Planned giving ensures MIM’s vitality and permanence, helping members support what matters most to them.

Dan is proud to invest in an institution that he considers essential to Phoenix-area children.

“When I was working at MIM, I’d see my old elementary and middle schools bringing classes in on field trips,” Dan says. “It felt important to me to be a part of that opportunity moving forward.” 

Dan Martin Image

Legacy Circle member Dan Martin is happy to help Arizona kids discover new cultures at MIM.

Although he is not a musician, Dan has always loved the unique emotional experience of live music. If MIM were around when he was a kid, Dan is sure that he would have frequently attended concerts at the MIM Music Theater. He is happy knowing that his Legacy Circle membership will support the MIM Music Theater.

From his experience at Guest Service, Dan has seen how the thousands of instruments and objects in the galleries provide guests with the opportunity to discover something new while recognizing human connection.

“At the end of the day,” he says, “MIM helps you see these similarities in music and culture across the entire globe.”