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June 10, 2013

Exhibit Spotlight: Greece

New instrument display, concert, and Greek cuisine usher in summer at MIM

   Greece Exhibit

In the last six months, more than four hundred instruments and related objects have been added or relocated in MIM’s galleries. Among them is a pear-shaped, three-stringed bowed lute known as a Cretan lyra, now on display in the Greece exhibit. This traditional Greek instrument was owned and played by Antonis “Psarantonis” Xylouris, a renowned composer, folksinger, and lyra player from a family of musicians on the island of Crete. The Cretan lyra is considered the most popular surviving form of the medieval Byzantine lyra—a precursor of most European bowed instruments.

On Saturday, June 22, guests can experience Mediterranean music live when Pavlo Simtikidis (better known as “Pavlo”) and his band perform at the MIM Music Theater. A Juno (Canadian GRAMMY) nominee, Pavlo has created his own musical style. Influenced by his travels, he has combined some of the world’s most exotic instruments, including the Greek bouzouki, the Chinese erhu, the Portuguese guitarra, the Arabic flute, and the Indian sitar into his signature Mediterranean sound. Click here for tickets.

In keeping with the Mediterranean theme, Café Allegro will be serving an array of Greek dishes such as moussaka, avgolemono soup, Greek salad, and baklava from June 21‒23. So make plans now to get a taste of Greece at MIM!