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Bring the world of music to the classroom! MIM’s Educator Resources are meant to deepen and extend the learning that takes place on a field trip to the museum. K–12 educators can maximize their learning objectives with free supplemental materials for the classroom which include hands-on activities, lesson plans, video clips and photos, and gallery activity pages.

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  • English Language Arts
  • Arts-Integrated Movement
  • Math and Visual Arts

educationpage-schooltoursELEMENTARY SCHOOL

  • Compass Tour: Create a Global Classroom
  • I Am AZ Music: MIM Celebrates 100 years of Arizona Music
  • STEM + Music
  • Indonesia: The Javanese Gamelan
  • Indigenous Music of North America

education-musicaladventuresseries4MIDDLE  AND HIGH SCHOOL

  • Compass Tour: Create a Global Classroom
  • Aerophones: Pipe Down!
  • Amplification: Turn Up the Volume!
  • The Balalaika: A Russian Icon
  • Peru: A Place of Historic Interaction

education-musicaladventuresseries2ACTIVITY SHEETS FOR SCHOOL GROUP TOURS

Use age-appropriate scavenger hunts, activity pages, and exploration prompts to learn about MIM’s collections during a field trip to the museum. Teachers and chaperones can use these printable pages to guide students through the galleries.

Group leaders are encouraged to design and lead their own fun activities for students in the galleries. Below are two suggestions: BINGO in the galleries and a Framing Activity. Both support AZ K–12 Academic Standards in English Language Arts and Social Studies.