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Bring the world of music to the classroom! MIM’s Educator Resources are meant to deepen and extend the learning that takes place on a field trip to the museum. K–12 educators can maximize their learning objectives with free supplemental materials for the classroom which include hands-on activities, lesson plans, video clips and photos, and gallery activity pages.

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  • English Language Arts
  • Arts-Integrated Movement
  • Math and Visual Arts

educationpage-schooltoursELEMENTARY SCHOOL

  • Compass Tour: Create a Global Classroom
  • I Am AZ Music: MIM Celebrates 100 years of Arizona Music
  • STEM + Music
  • Indonesia: The Javanese Gamelan
  • Indigenous Music of North America

education-musicaladventuresseries4MIDDLE  AND HIGH SCHOOL

  • Compass Tour: Create a Global Classroom
  • Aerophones: Pipe Down!
  • Amplification: Turn Up the Volume!
  • The Balalaika: A Russian Icon
  • Peru: A Place of Historic Interaction

education-musicaladventuresseries2ACTIVITY SHEETS FOR SCHOOL GROUP TOURS

Use age-appropriate scavenger hunts, activity pages, and exploration prompts to learn about MIM’s collections during a field trip to the museum. Teachers and chaperones can use these printable pages to guide students through the galleries.