Application deadline for spring 2018 training approaching

MIM’s Volunteer Department is accepting applications for its spring 2018 museum guide training and the deadline is Monday, January 15. A musical background is not required to apply.

Each spring and fall, MIM hosts training sessions to prepare new museum guides to lead tours for school, youth, and adult groups.

“The team members who trained us are knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive. They were willing to help with any challenges we encountered,” says Terry Brown, a MIM museum guide who recently completed training. “I enjoy being a part of that team and giving back what I can.”

The five-week training involves some classroom time, but museum guides also participate in multisensory, active learning. They interact with curators, educators, and other museum specialists; partake in small-group activities to build teamwork; explore the galleries; observe other tours led by experienced museum guides; and practice hands-on activities such as drumming circles for children.

“At training, you go in depth on many topics,” says Brown. “For me, one of the most meaningful parts was learning how to adapt that information to engage with any age group that comes on a tour.”

MIM is always eager to welcome new, passionate volunteer team members to its team of more than four hundred community members who volunteer in a multitude of ways.

“Every day I come here, I learn something new,” says Brown. “Beyond music, MIM offers culture, history, and so much more.”