Donors inspire students through live music at the MIM Music Theater

When iconic trumpeter Chris Botti took the MIM Music Theater’s stage on October 14, 2021, all 300 seats were filled with eager guests. Among them were Producer’s Circle members David and Karen Divine and several trumpet-playing students from Rosie’s House, a nonprofit devoted to high-quality music education. Botti even gave the students a special hello from the stage, topping off their evening.

It was not the first time the Divines, MIM donors since 2013, invited students from Rosie’s House to experience the power of live music at MIM. And with each concert, they hope to provide students with an unforgettable musical memory.

Donor Spotlight: David and Karen Divine Image

Producerʼs Circle members Karen and David Divine

“We tried to choose a show that would grab their attention,” David says. “The variety of music at the MIM Music Theater is so amazing that finding a concert they would remember was easy.”

David and Karen grew up playing instruments in school bands and passed their musical appreciation on to their children through violin and piano lessons. They continue their lifelong love of music through their generous support of the MIM Music Theater and their willingness to share with children studying music the experience of seeing performances by artists of various cultures and genres.

“Karen and I both hope that bringing the kids to MIM will change their lives and inspire them to work hard at learning their instruments,” David says.