Celebrating live music with a gift to the MIM Music Theater

As MIM donors since 2011, Curt and Karen Ulrich have always enjoyed experiencing live music at the MIM Music Theater. Through their philanthropy, the Ulrichs have decided to support the transformative experience that MIM’s theater provides for both artists and concert attendees.

Curt and Karen committed a generous gift of $1 million over the course of 10 years to ensure that the MIM Music Theater continues to present exceptional talent in Phoenix. “The music theater at MIM is peerless in its comfort, intimacy, and immaculate acoustics,” Curt says of the one-of-a-kind venue. More than 200 artists across diverse musical genres perform in the 300-seat theater each year, including many who have rarely, if ever, been seen in Phoenix.

Donor Spotlight: Curt and Karen Ulrich Image

Left to right: Lowell Pickett, MIM Music Theater artistic director; Patrick Murphy, theater manager; Karen and Curt Ulrich

In recognition of their pledged gift, MIM’s executive director, April Salomon, and the MIM Music Theater’s artistic director, Lowell Pickett, surprised the Ulrichs with the naming of the Artist Suite in honor of their support. MIM’s Music Theater values the opportunity to provide an accommodating backstage experience with the Artist Suite for all performers preparing to take the stage.

Now as artists and guests pass by the entry to the Artist Suite, they will be reminded of Curt and Karen’s significant support and contribution to this unparalleled venue.

Music is such an integral part of a person’s life, and while enjoying audio versions is the most common way, there is nothing like a live performance to give you the most visceral experience of music.

—Curt Ulrich