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Margaret Glaspy Opening Act: Jenny O.


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Born Yesterday is a bookend to New York singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy’s lauded 2016 debut album, Emotions and Math. “In releasing it, I feel set free to sink deep into my new inspirations while taking a break from the road and make something entirely new.” Glaspy continues, “These songs are the end of this chapter and mark a new beginning!”

Emotions and Math was featured on many Year-End Lists when it was released in 2016, including the New York Times, NPR Music, Billboard, Mother Jones, and others. Glaspy toured the record intensely, playing countless shows throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. This season on the road birthed her new EP released on ATO Records, Born Yesterday. She recalls, “I wrote these songs on the road, in my hotel, on the plane, and at soundcheck. They were the product of the little time that I had to myself—three songs about different sides of love: love gone wrong, love gone right, and love at a distance.”

Glaspy self-produced the new EP, which frames these love stories in catchy choruses, dark harmony, and her ever-evolving sense of the electric guitar. Her finely tuned ear for production and tone shine on Born Yesterday.

Whereas many songwriters might revel in the youthful abandon of such recklessness, Emotions and Math instead treats bad decisions and destructive impulses with compassionate clarity and heartfelt empathy.


Margaret Glaspy is the New York-based songwriter whose expectation-defying approach and empathetic songs are about to turn the world upside down.


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