Celebrating MIM’s special exhibition with a generous donation

From the jukebox and radio of her childhood to band and choir in her school days, music has played an integral role in Mary Ann Mangels’s life. Through her past ten years as a MIM volunteer team member, her passion for music has continued to grow as she and her husband, John, have enjoyed MIM’s comprehensive exhibits and celebrated live music with family and friends at the MIM Music Theater. 

When Mary Ann and John learned of MIM’s newest special exhibition, they were excited to help bring the show to life by making a donation in support of Treasures: Legendary Musical Instruments. They hope guests will enjoy discovering the extraordinary instruments and their stories. “This special exhibition focuses on the uniqueness of these instruments and helps to open up the enjoyment of the thousands of other instruments on display here at MIM,” Mary Ann says.

Donor Spotlight: Mary Ann and John Mangels Image

Treasures: Legendary Musical Instruments donors Mary Ann and John Mangels

Generous donors like the Mangels family are essential to the production of MIM’s special exhibitions. “Their support provides an opportunity for our curators to create original, exclusive exhibitions that tell the world’s stories through music,” says Megan Bevill, MIM’s strategic data specialist.

Mary Ann is proud to be part of an institution that values the preservation of instruments for guests of all ages to learn and enjoy. “It is invaluable for guests to see and hear firsthand cultural differences from all over the world,” she says. “I love what we do.” 

MIM is grateful to all who have supported Treasures: Legendary Musical Instruments.