Grades 6–12

Join our Junior Museum Guide Program! Students will learn about cultures from around the world, participate in music making, and discover the wide world of music. Junior Guides will train to lead tours while exploring MIM’s unique galleries and exhibits. Participants who complete all four classes will have the opportunity to lead group tours for upcoming events.

Please contact programs@MIM.org with any questions.

Supported by Hao and Michelle Wang Foundation

Junior Museum Guides Spotlight: Polynesian Music and Influence Tour

Junior Museum Guide Produces Filmmaking Project

“During this training I learned ‘The best ways to explain hard-to-understand concepts like the science of sound to people with unfamiliar with it.’”

—MIMkids Junior Museum Guides Participant

“My favorite part was working as a team to experience the galleries.”

—MIMkids Junior Museum Guides Participant

“Another said, ‘leading the tours and seeing everyone’s excited faces.’”

—MIMkids Junior Museum Guides Participant

“I went into this very nervous and came out confident. Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable and this was all around fun.”

—MIMkids Junior Museum Guides Participant