Support MIM’s galleries and collection

The Flagbearer program is a fun way to invest in MIM’s mission and community. Adopt an exhibit individually or with your family, friends, or company. With your gift of $5,000, you’ll be invited to select an instrument from a specially curated selection that will bear your name in the exhibit of your choice.


Become a Flagbearer


Represent your family’s heritage, a favorite place you’ve visited, or a genre of music you enjoy. Flagbearers receive a certificate of recognition, a special pin, and recognition on MIM’s donor wall and MIM.org.

Share your interest with a MIM concierge or call 480.478.6062.

“Millions of our customers play the piano as their primary instrument, so this partnership was a natural fit for us. . . . Weʼre advocates for creating and preserving music so that everyone can enjoy it for generations to come!”

—Duncan Hearn, Director of Marketing and Design at Musicnotes

“We have witnessed the impact MIM has on guests, especially schoolchildren, and want that support to be continued into the future. MIM is truly the only institution of its kind in the world.”

—Joe Brennan, MIM volunteer team member