Spanning 9,000 years of Chinese music and history

November 10, 2017–May 6, 2018

Presented in partnership with the prestigious Henan Museum, MIM’s special exhibition Ancient Musical Treasures from Central China: Harmony of the Ancients from the Henan Museum explores the connection between music, people, heaven, and earth through more than 60 extremely rare instruments and artworks on display for the first time in the United States.

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Discover extraordinary musical and archaeological treasures

Ancient flutes and drums hark back to the dawn of Chinese civilization, giving us a glimpse of the musical life of an early agrarian society. Grand racks of bronze bells evoke elaborate rituals performed during the formative years of Chinese culture. Lively ceramic figures illustrate the joyful mixing of cultures during the time of the legendary Silk Road. Elegant silk strings entertain gatherings of refined music lovers and inspire poetic contemplation.

In addition to the collection of exquisite musical instruments, the exhibition also features beautiful music-related artworks made of materials such as ceramic and jade. Many of these instruments and artworks were excavated from tombs of the nobility.

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