A day at the museum, a lifetime of memories

Whether it’s learning how to dance flamenco at Experience Spain, watching a Grammy-winning artist perform at the MIM Music Theater, or learning about your family’s heritage in the galleries, MIM is filled with special moments for guests of all ages. MIM is a unique experience for everyone, and we want to hear from you! What are your favorite memories at MIM? Share your MIM memories on social media using #MIM10.

As I took in the musical history, I reminisced about the songs my parents and grandparents shared with me, and what an impact that had on my life and my musical tastes. As a former music student, I was awed by the mastery of the greats. As a dancer, I couldn’t help but move my body as I moved through the space, never once caring if anyone was watching.

—MIM guest, Facebook

Hear pianist Alpin Hong share his favorite MIM memory about the time he played the Super Mario Bros. theme song on a colorful Chihuly Steinway piano.