Grades K–12 (Ages 5–18)

Customizable for various grade levels

Explore musical traditions from West Africa and have fun playing as a group. This immersive 50-minute workshop is led by a qualified teaching artist.

Students will be introduced to drumming styles and traditions from cultural groups in Ghana, Mali, and Guinea. Rhythm, movement, and call-and-response are incorporated into the workshop. By the end of the class, students will be able to play a group rhythm, sing a traditional West African song, and perform some basic dance movements. Students will play along using the djembe, agogo double bell, and shekere. This workshop is presented in partnership with the Arizona Rhythm Connection and uses the Roots of Rhythm world drumming curriculum sponsored by the Percussion Marketing Council.

$2 per student with any field trip


You can add this workshop to your field trip on the Field Trip Request Form.

A four-week advanced reservation is requested. Workshops are for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 60 students. One chaperone is required for every five elementary students and one for every 10 middle and high school students; these chaperones are admitted at no additional cost.

MIM meets all Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for accessibility. Please notify us at least two weeks before your visit if you have any special needs requests.