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The Secret Sisters Opening Act: Leslie Stevens

Americana and Folk

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God help anyone who tries to stand in their way.


However rooted in the past they may sound, the Secret Sisters ultimately connect on such an intimate level that they render any measure of time extraneous.


Hauntingly spare arrangements of songs that revel in Southern Gothic themes, which soar through their exquisite sibling harmonies

Los Angeles Times

Since the group’s 2010 self-titled debut, listeners have fallen in love with the Secret Sisters—Laura and Lydia Rogers. With their strong voices, carefully crafted musical arrangements, and soul-baring songwriting, the Americana duo showcase confidence and individuality. In addition to touring with Bob Dylan, the Secret Sisters have worked with luminaries such as T Bone Burnett, Jack White, and Brandi Carlile.

Opening for the Secret Sisters is Leslie Stevens. At the center of Stevens’s music is a notoriously heart-catching voice. Stevens’s voice is so beguiling that she has developed a thriving sideline as an in-demand singer who has recorded and toured with artists including Florence and the Machine, My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, Father John Misty, and Jackson Browne.

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