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The Liz Story and Lisa Downing Piano Experience


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While the music of these artists has been compared with George Winston and Jim Brickman, the compelling original music of these broadly imaginative composers possess an incomparable complexity, which might better be described as ‘Piano Impressionism.’

Arizona Daily Sun

Two mesmerizing pianists who have performed together for over a decade bring original and imaginative music to the stage.

Liz Story
Pianist-composer Liz Story is one of the foremost pioneers of contemporary solo piano who recorded on the now legendary Windham Hill record label. Her musical style defies traditional description and has inspired countless musicians since her debut album Solid Colors was released in 1983. With a dozen albums to her credit, her works cross many musical genres and paint a spectacular musical panorama. Story continues to be on the forefront of solo piano composition and performance and will mesmerize audiences of all ages.

Lisa Downing
Multiple award-winning international composer, concert, and recording artist Lisa Downing is redefining the genre of solo piano. She is a compelling storyteller, describing the unique inspiration for her creative neo-classical solo piano compositions. The great-granddaughter of an African American slave, her ancestry also includes European and Native American Choctaw/Chickasaw tribes of the Southern United States. Downing’s polyethnicity provides her with a truly unique perspective regarding culture and her own brand of personal spirituality. The narratives of her compositions create parables that reach into the collective hopes and fears of human experience—revealing the true unity we all share.

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