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With the skill of a jazz singer and a warm, disarming stage presence, Teneia can make her voice do just about anything—charm you into a hypnotic trance, make your heart beat faster, or motivate you to get out of your chair and dance.

Phoenix New Times

I get the feeling Teneia could breathe soul into just about anything.

Ear Candy Magazine

A cross between Ani DiFranco and Aretha Franklin

Jackson Free Press

Teneia Sanders is seducing the ears of people everywhere. One listen to her exploding vocal range, her beautiful melodic voice backed with her clever guitar playing, and you’ll be physically moved.

Jackson Free Press

Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, Teneia is an internationally touring musician and songwriter with six albums to her credit. She has won multiple awards, had her work featured in television and film, and shared the stage with various critically acclaimed artists. With folk-soul roots and infectious hooks, she teeters on the edge of defining a new sound and genre, all while spreading a message of love and equality.

One of Teneia’s most prominent pieces, “Stand,” earned a placement in the HBO documentary Prom Night in Mississippi featuring Morgan Freeman. “Stand” embodies Teneia’s ability as an artist to address deeply rooted social issues fearlessly and confidently. Her true talent however, is how she leaves the audience’s minds filled with reflection and their hearts filled with hope.

With a career spanning over a decade, Teneia has toured relentlessly throughout the years. Her most recent side project, Heart Society, gained recognition through the Sixthman Cayamo music cruise alongside John Prine, Buddy Miller, the War and Treaty, Lee Ann Womack, and many more. Heart Society was also selected to perform a three-week-long tour in Africa in April of 2019 by the U.S. State Department organization American Music Abroad. Teneia is a visionary with the heart to match. No matter what project she is a part of, she always delivers a stellar performance.

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