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Stanley Jordan and Kevin Eubanks

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In the end, both artists bring decades of wide-ranging musical influences and experiences to Duets, sometimes very different from each other and sometimes similar. Despite, or maybe because of that, they’ve created here a natural, organic sounding meeting of the minds, and of the fingers.

All About Jazz

Both have been musical searchers and can play in the tradition, but have refused to be pigeonholed or categorized in any way.


Kevin Eubanks, guitarist and prolific composer, is well known by many as the former music director of The Tonight Show band, appearing on the show for eighteen years (1992–2010). His laid-back style and affability seem to be the concentration and focus that have made him successful both as a consummate musician and a household name for late-night TV viewers.

In a career that took flight in 1985 with commercial and critical acclaim, guitar virtuoso Stanley Jordan has consistently displayed a chameleonic musical persona of openness, imagination, versatility, and maverick daring. From bold reinventions of classical masterpieces and soulful explorations of pop-rock hits to blazing straight-ahead jazz forays and ultramodern improvisational works—solo or with a group—Jordan can always be counted on to take listeners on breathless journeys into the unexpected.

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