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Sofía Rei and JC Maillard present Keter from John Zorn’s Masada Book 3 With Guest Percussionist Tupac Mantilla


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Ms. Rei, a vocalist hailing from Argentina, sings in a windblown, mountains-high voice, but she often sounds like she might be withholding something, too. It’s as if maybe the full delivery might be too overpowering—an engrossing suggestion.

New York Times

In 2018, an important story reached its final chapter. For a quarter of a century, John Zorn’s Masada series has been a consistently exciting and influential presence in the landscape of adventurous music, involving renowned artists such as Dave Douglas; Bill Frisell; Marc Ribot; Medeski, Martin, and Wood; Pat Metheny; and many more. With this third and final songbook, The Book Beriah, the legendary composer concludes his exhaustive exploration of new Jewish music with ninety-two compositions over eleven albums, presented by some of the world’s most accomplished musicians.

In a unique project for voice and saz bass, longtime collaborators Sofía Rei and JC Maillard offer a superbly intimate and introspective study of the acclaimed source material. With lyrics by Rei and arrangements by both musicians, the songs explore a variety of topics, from love and solitude to the ghost of Frida Kahlo and a childhood under the dictatorship in Argentina.

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