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Ramblin’ Jack Elliott with Special Guest Hans Olson

Americana and Folk

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Perhaps no two performers exemplify the American bluegrass and folk traditions as deeply as Peter Rowan and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott.

Grammy Award winner and six-time Grammy nominee Peter Rowan is a bluegrass singer-songwriter with a career spanning over five decades. From his early years of playing under the tutelage of bluegrass patriarch Bill Monroe, Rowan’s stint in the group Old and in the Way with Jerry Garcia, and his subsequent breakout as both a solo performer and bandleader, Rowan has built a devoted, international fan base through his continuous stream of original recordings, collaborative projects, and constant touring.

One of the last true links to the great folk traditions of this country, with over forty albums under his belt, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott is considered one of the country’s legendary foundations of folk music.

Long before every kid in America wanted to play guitar—before Elvis, Dylan, the Beatles, or Led Zeppelin—Ramblin’ Jack had picked it up and was passing it along. From Johnny Cash to Tom Waits, Beck to Bonnie Raitt, Ry Cooder to Bruce Springsteen, the Grateful Dead to the Rolling Stones, they all pay homage to Ramblin’ Jack Elliott.

Nobody I know—and I mean nobody—has covered more ground and made more friends and sung more songs than the fellow you’re about to meet right now. He’s got a song and a friend for every mile behind him. Say hello to my good buddy, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott.

—Johnny Cash, The Johnny Cash Show

[Peter Rowan] is to bluegrass what Willie Nelson is to Country and Western, meaning so deep in the traditions that the music seeps out of his pores.

San Francisco Chronicle

Over the past 40 years and more, Rowan has played almost every style of music that America has produced. . . . Rowan hasn’t just played these styles of music, however, he has immersed himself in them, gone right back to their roots in order to form a complete understanding of them.


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