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Upcoming Educator Events

  • Mar. 11
    Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

    Professional Development Session: STEM + Music

    Free for educators

    Through collaborative discussion, educators will explore the properties of sound, how different materials used in the construction of musical instruments contribute to their sound, and how these themes can be incorporated into project-based learning for students in grades 3–8. By tapping into the curiosity in all of us, educators will learn how to let students take the lead in their own musical science projects!

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    Participants receive a certificate for tracking professional development hours, a resource packet, and several examples of hands-on activities that can be incorporated into classroom teaching. After the session, teachers can tour the museum and continue developing lesson plan ideas. This session supports the learning objectives of MIM’s STEM + Music Tour for Grades 3–8.

    Standards Addressed
    • English Language Arts | Writing and Speaking
    • Arts | Music
    • Science | Physical Science, Scientific Process
    • Social Studies | Geography, Maps