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They are true to their Afro-Peruvian roots but unafraid to experiment with Latin funk and electronica.

—NPR, Alt.Latino

Leave your gourd shakers and pan flutes at home, as these guys rip up the terrain with exploding sounds of rhythmic beauty and passion that can only come from Novalima’s repertoire.

—Inside World Music

As transcendent as the recorded album is, the real excitement of Novalima comes from seeing them live.

Sounds and Colours

Started by four friends from Lima with a shared passion for traditional Afro-Peruvian music and global DJ culture, Novalima stands in the common ground bridging past and future, uniting tradition and innovation.

From their humble beginnings, file-sharing musical ideas and producing their first album in separate countries at the dawn of the internet, Novalima is now a live musical force revered worldwide for breaking boundaries and uniting seemingly irreconcilable genres, communities, and generations. They have created an inspiring movement and revolutionized the music scene in their native Peru by bridging a longstanding divide between the mainstream and the minority Afro-Peruvian community, who have struggled against discrimination and cultural dissolution for generations.

During their career, Novalima has garnered worldwide critical acclaim from mainstream (NPR, UK Guardian, Wall Street Journal, La Presse, Metro, Billboard, National Geographic) and alternative media (Giant Step, Remezcla, Sounds and Colours) alike. They have delivered legendary performances around the world at festivals such as Roskilde, WOMAD, Pirineos Sur, New York’s Central Park, Montreal Jazz Festival, and Chicago’s Millennium Park. They earned a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Alternative Album and were featured in cult filmmaker Robert Rodriguez’s hit movie Machete.

While their sound is futuristic and cutting-edge, the roots of Novalima’s music reach back hundreds of years. In a far too familiar tale, African slaves were brought to Peru as early as the 1500s until the middle of the nineteenth century, establishing an outpost of the African diaspora on the Pacific coast of South America. Over the years, the soul and rhythms of Africa melded with the melodies and instruments of Europe and the Andes. The result is a rich musical repertoire that existed for generations on the periphery of Peruvian popular culture.

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