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MusicaNova Orchestra: 1918—An Armistice Without A Peace


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Claude Debussy, Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun
Sergei Prokofiev, Violin Concerto no. 1; Rina Kubota, violin soloist
Hubert Parry, Symphony no. 3 in C, “The English”
Connor Helms, MusicaNova Composition Fellow, Sacred Geometry Fugue No. 1 (World Premiere)

In 1918, the Great War ended and the age of perpetual worldwide conflict began. Old empires fell and new ones arose. And the face of orchestral music was transformed. The MusicaNova Orchestra takes you through this watershed year with music from Claude Debussy, Hubert Parry, and Sergei Prokofiev, as well as a world premiere from Arizona State University composer and MNO Composition Fellow Connor Helms, marking the start of the next tumultuous century.

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