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Martin Barre Performs Classic Jethro Tull Rescheduled With Dee Palmer and Clive Bunker


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Barre’s unusual self-taught style has influenced generations of guitarists, from Mark Knopfler and Joe Bonamassa to Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson.

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Martin Barre is still a rare talent nearly 50 years after he first played a note with Jethro Tull.


The legendary band Jethro Tull has sold over 65 million records and has amassed a following of loyal fans that are the envy of rock bands worldwide. At the center of the band’s unique sound is guitarist Martin Barre, renowned for his formidable mastery of historic riffs, power chords, and soaring melodic solos.

Barre is celebrating the history of Jethro Tull with a spectacular show with his touring band, plus two very special guests—Dee Palmer and Clive Bunker, both of whom performed with Tull for many years and were an important part of the band’s success.

Clive Bunker was the original drummer with Jethro Tull and played on Stand Up, Benefit, and Aqualung. Dee Palmer arranged string, brass, and woodwind parts for Jethro Tull songs from  the late 1960s through to the present.

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