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A deep, charming voice

—World Music Central.org

The charm of Cape Verdean music is this alluring alchemy of joy and wistfulness. Lucibela knows this all too well.


In 2016, Lucibela made her debut in Lisbon, Portugal. Certain journalists compared her to Cesaria Evora. “Cesaria is unique and there’ll never be another Cesaria,” modestly insisted the young singer. “My aim is to carry on the work Cesaria began. I want to sing Cabo Verdean musical genres—such as morna and coladera—pretty much anywhere in the world,” she confided, “and I want to succeed because of my own talent.”

Chosen to take part in the 2017 Atlantic Music Expo—a major music fair where musicians and producers from all over the globe meet in Praia, Cape Verde, truly a hub of world music—Lucibela caused a stir. Local music lovers had already become fans of the singer during the few years when she performed in the bars and clubs of Praia, but she was a genuine revelation for the professionals, journalists, and show promoters visiting the Expo.

Following this success, Lucibela participated in the Sfinks Festival in Belgium. Then, in 2017, she recorded her first album in Lisbon with Toy Vieira, one of the most famous Cape Verdean musicians of the local scene, who accompanied the greatest voices in the past: Bana, Titina, Tito Paris, Cesaria Evora, Lura, and many others. With this album, Laço Umbilical (Umbilical Cord), released in February 2018, the chanteuse is determined to conquer the world music scene.

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