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Kid Koala: Nufonia Must Fall


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Kid Koala recently sat down with Ed Masley from the Arizona Republic to give a sneak peek into the creation of Nufonia Must Fall. Read the article here.

Montreal-based scratch DJ and music producer Kid Koala presents a magical, multidisciplinary adaptation of his graphic novel Nufonia Must Fall. The story centers around a headphones-sporting robot on the verge of obsolescence and infatuated with a winsome office drone. Directed by K. K. Barrett, recently Oscar-nominated for Her, this live adaptation unfolds via real-time filming of more than a dozen miniature stages and a cast of puppets. Koala and the dynamic Afiara Quartet provide live scoring on piano, strings, and turntables.

Kid Koala has toured with such artists as Radiohead, the Beastie Boys, Arcade Fire, Money Mark, A Tribe Called Quest, Mike Patton, DJ Shadow, and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. He has contributed to film scores for Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Looper, The Great Gatsby, and Baby Driver. He has composed music for the National Film Board of Canada, the Cartoon Network, Sesame Street, and Adult Swim. He has also been commissioned to create music for runway shows for Belgian fashion designer Dries van Noten. Kid Koala’s unforgettable live shows range from silly touring turntable carnivals, such as Short Attention Span Theater (featuring turntable bingo) and Vinyl Vaudeville (including puppets and dancers), to quiet-time events, such as Music to Draw to, Space Cadet Headphone Experience, Satellite Turntable Orchestra, and Nufonia Must Fall, the last being a live animated graphic novel created performed, filmed, projected, and scored in real time using five cameras, twenty sets, forty-seven puppets, a string quartet, and Kid Koala on piano, turntable, and percussion.

The story itself seems like a mix of Chaplin follies and Pixar charm . . . the simplicity and sweetness of its characters serve to amplify the complexity of the production.

Boston Globe

There is something for everybody in this production, and so many intricate elements, each of which is tightly integrated into the marvelous whole.

Broadway World

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