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Johnny A.’s “Just Me . . . and My Guitars”


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Johnny A. lets his guitar speak for him with eloquence and spirit.

Washington Post

Johnny blazed across the guitar neck, his fingers forming every possible chord imaginable, while controlling his many guitar effects to perfection. It was a stew of virtuosity that left the crowd in awe.

Worcester Magazine

Boston Hall of Fame inductee Johnny A. is a spectacular performer guaranteed to mesmerize an audience with the first riff! He is a Gibson and now Epiphone signature guitarist (the Johnny A. Gibson is one of their most popular selling signature models). Johnny has shared the stage with artists from B.B. King to Steve Vai  and has performed at such prestigious festivals as Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, and Tokyo’s Fuji Rock Festival. Coming back to his roots, Johnny has developed an intimate solo performance celebrating some of the greatest and most influential guitar work in history.

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