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Daymé Arocena


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One of the world’s fastest rising jazz vocalists.

New Yorker

This Cuban soul singer is on fire right now, burning up the stages wherever she plays. With her strong and powerful voice, she’s reigniting the Cuban soundtrack.


The Havana-raised, conservatory-trained singer and composer melds jazz, contemporary R&B, and West African-derived Santerían chant to musically incarnate the breadth and depth of her Cuban heritage.

Boston Globe

Daymé Arocena draws inspiration from the musical legacies of her native Cuba. A singer, composer, and choir director, she is carrying the flame for a new generation of Cuban musicians. With her newest album, Sonocardogram (2019), Arocena celebrates the rich elements of Afro-Cuban culture and Santería while telling her story as a creative spirit.

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