Create a Global Classroom

Download part one and part two of the curriculum guides to support the Discovery field trip to MIM.

  • Suggested Grade Levels: 3–12
  • Gallery: United States / Canada, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa
  • Curricular Areas: AZ History and Social Science Standards (Regions and Cultures of the Americas, United States Studies, Contemporary Global Studies, Disciplinary Skills, Civics, Geography, and History); English Language Arts; Fine Arts (Music and Visual Arts)


Cultural Symbolism: African Musical Instruments and Anthropomorphism
Cultural Diffusion and Ethnomusicology: Yaqui Indians (AZ) and Mexican Banda

Cultural Diffusion: The Silk Road and Ancient Asian Trade Routes
Musical Archaeology: Ancient Egypt and Ancient Andes
Cultural Symbolism: The Vietnamese Bronze Age

STEM: How Science Brings Music to Life

Download the elementary or advanced curriculum guides to support the STEM: How Science Brings Music To Life field trip to MIM.

  • Suggested Grade Levels: 3–12
  • Gallery: STEM, Mechanical Music, Artist, United States / Canada, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia
  • Curricular Areas: AZ Science Standards, Strand 1 (Inquiry Process), Strand 2 (History and Nature of Science), Strand 3 (Science in Personal and Social Perspectives), Strand 5 (Physical Science); Fine Arts (Music and Visual Arts).

Elementary Curriculum
Good Vibrations: The Science of Sound
Organology: The Science and Study of Musical Instruments
Industrial Design: Imagining New Musical Instruments

Advanced Curriculum
Amplification: Acoustic
Amplification: Electric
Oscillators: Electrical Sound Synthesis
Science and Technology in Society