Flagbearers for MIM’s Ireland exhibit

Phoenix residents Joe and Maureen Brennan can trace their Irish heritage back several generations and have always had a strong love for the Emerald Isle. After hearing about MIM’s Flagbearer program, they decided that becoming Flagbearers for the Ireland exhibit would be a unique and thought-provoking way to connect further with their Irish culture and honor their roots.

MIM’s Flagbearer program is a fun way to represent the museum’s diverse collection with family and friends while investing in MIM’s mission and community. For three years, participants can bear the flag for a display representing their family’s heritage, a genre of music they enjoy, or a favorite country they’ve traveled to.

“We have witnessed the impact MIM has on guests, especially schoolchildren, and want that support to be continued into the future. MIM is truly the only institution of its kind in the world,” says Joe, who is also a MIM volunteer team member.

Looking back at their time spent at MIM, one memory stands out for Joe and Maureen. During one visit, they saw a group touring that was composed of refugee children and young adults who had been in the United States for less than a year. As the tour guide pointed out the individuals’ home countries, Joe and Maureen were moved by seeing their faces light up with smiles and tears of happiness.

“MIM’s slogan ‘Music is the universal language of the soul’ says it all,” says Joe. “People turn to music in happy times, to celebrate, and for birthdays and holidays—but also for somber events and during uncertain times like today. Music plays a part in all those different life events.”

If you are interested in becoming a Flagbearer for one of MIM’s exhibits, email advancement@MIM.org.