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PetSmart and the Musical Instrument Museum Announce Unity Through Diversity Partnership

Pet Retailer to Sponsor Year of Cultural Programming at MIM

PHOENIX (Aug. 30, 2012) PetSmart and the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) have joined forces to create a new cultural programming series at the museum. The series, titled “Unity Through Diversity,” will celebrate diverse cultures from around the globe. The initiative brings the world’s largest specialty pet retailer and the world’s first global musical instrument museum together to highlight rich musical traditions while reinforcing the museum’s overriding message that music is the language of the soul.

PetSmart is a corporation that recognizes the importance of cultural diversity in building a strong, unified, and motivated team. In the spirit of cultural diversity, PetSmart will sponsor four signature events at MIM. Each event will focus on a different country, exposing museum guests to the culture of that geographic region. PetSmart will also sponsor an event during the museum’s December holiday programming.

“PetSmart is excited to partner with the Musical Instrument Museum to celebrate the unique gifts that each culture around the world brings to our city,” said Bob Moran, chairman and CEO of PetSmart. “Through learning and experiencing the diversity represented in our city, we become a stronger and more united community.”
In addition to providing financial support, PetSmart associates will have the opportunity to participate and experience these events as volunteers in various capacities around the museum.

“We are extraordinarily excited to work with PetSmart to present events that will highlight cultural diversity as a powerful force that can bring us together in engaging, entertaining, and meaningful ways,” said Dr. Bill DeWalt, president and director of MIM. “This partnership is inspired by the fact that our two distinctly different organizations share the unique goal of celebrating the richness that cultural diversity brings to our global society.”

For each of the signature events, the MIM team collaborates with regional and national cultural organizations to strategically coordinate programming, resulting in in-depth, meaningful, and interactive experiences for museum guests.

The partnership kicks off on September 15 and 16 with a Fiestas Patrias celebration. The two-day event will highlight the music, dance, and cuisine of Mexico in honor of the country’s independence from Spain in 1810. MIM has partnered with the Consulate General of Mexico in Phoenix to showcase the culture of Mexico in an accurate and educational way. Visit for additional details. Information about future Unity Through Diversity events will be announced throughout 2012 and 2013.

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About MIM MIM enriches the world community by collecting, preserving, and making accessible high-quality musical instruments, images, and music from every country in the world. We celebrate our world’s diverse musical cultures and foster global understanding by offering our guests an incomparable interactive experience, a welcome and fun environment, dynamic programming, and exceptional musical performances.

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