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Musical Instrument Museum to Unveil a New Turkish Exhibit

PHOENIX (April 17, 2012) The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) is set to unveil a new exhibit of Turkish instruments on Wednesday, April 18, in Phoenix, Arizona, supported in part by Turkish Philanthropy Funds (TPF).

This exhibit will be one of the most extensive single-country exhibits at MIM, with four distinct sections that showcase the music and cultural importance of ceremonial mehter (Ottoman military) music, various traditions of the Turkish countryside, the music and movement of the Mevlevi Sufis, and the vibrant music of Turkey’s urban centers.

“It was a thrill to engage the TPF community to enhance the Turkey exhibit,” TPF Chairman Haldun Tashman said. “It has been a pleasure working with the MIM team to deliver on the desire to expand and create a dynamic exhibit.”

TPF’s contribution has helped develop MIM’s Turkey exhibit to approximately four times its original size. The exhibit now includes 48 instruments and related objects, including two costumes: a whirling dervish and a musician mehter. There will also be shadow puppets of the popular characters Karagöz and Hacivat. The collection will include antique instruments such as a lavta from the late 18th‒early 19th century, a rare santur from the 19th century, an unusually large ney from the 18th or 19th century, and a cümbüş by renowned Istanbul luthier Onnik Karibyan.

“MIM is a museum in constant evolution and we are committed to continually improving and enhancing every one of our exhibits with the assistance of our donors,” said MIM President and Director Dr. Bill DeWalt. “With the generous support of the Turkish Philanthropy Funds, The Dorrance Family Foundation, and Haldun and Nihal Tashman, we were able to create a truly vibrant exhibit and we look forward to sharing the music and culture of Turkey with our guests.”

About Turkish Philanthropy Funds
Turkish Philanthropy Funds works to improve Turkish education, advance gender equality, promote Turkish arts and culture and support economic development in Turkey. Based in New York City, its mission is to galvanize Turkish-Americans and friends of Turkey to advance this vision through philanthropy. It screens charities and non-profits working in those areas in Turkey, then develops partnerships on specific projects. Individuals can “design their own donation,” by acting as an adviser and intermediary to set up an individual fund. In five years, TPF has granted $10.4 million to Turkish and U.S. nonprofits. TPF takes philanthropy beyond the “feel good” to achieve significant and measurable impact.

About MIM
MIM enriches the world community by collecting, preserving, and making accessible high-quality musical instruments, images, and music from every country in the world. We celebrate our world’s diverse musical cultures and foster global understanding by offering our guests an incomparable interactive experience, a welcome and fun environment, dynamic programming, and exceptional musical performances.

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