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Pokey LaFarge

Americana and Folk

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Beloved by both Garrison Keillor and Jack White, Pokey LaFarge describes his own music—a mix of old-time jazz, blues, ragtime, and string-band music from the past century—as timeless rather than retro.


The charismatic Pokey LaFarge is right where he wants to be: perfectly poised to take on the world with his timeless tunes as the musician in the middle. Nestled comfortably somewhere between rock star and Americana crooner stands the talented Pokey LaFarge.

Alive Magazine

Pokey LaFarge is a musician. He is a storyteller. He is a feeler of feelings. He is a narrator of the messy, unkempt American experience. He sits, he watches, he writes. Everything that’s worth happening happens in his songs. Like the long line of writers and performers he descends from, music isn’t something LaFarge does—it’s something he is.

The songs on LaFarge’s transformative new album Manic Revelations demand your attention. Here, you get the feeling this man is constantly reshuffling the deck in favor of some outcome or other. Each chord, each riff shades the stories he sets up in his lyrics. But make no mistake—no matter how the cards lay, he is searching for the purest truth.

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