The World’s Only Global Musical Instrument Museum ®


Bring your scouts on a musical journey where they will have an opportunity to see, listen to, and play musical instruments from around the world. Scouts will also be introduced to different musical genres, including Native American music, Indonesian gamelan, and mariachi. See a Peruvian dance that looks like hip hop, learn how a gong is made in a gong-workshop exhibit, and discover the evolution of the guitar. Five major Geographic Galleries, covering Africa and the Middle East, Asia and Oceania, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, and United States/Canada, display nearly six thousand musical instruments and objects. Scouts will receive a guidePORT wireless headset through which they can listen to video recordings in the exhibits. They will also have the chance to make music individually or in a group in the Experience Gallery. Request a West African Percussion & Dance Signature Workshop to play music in a group, learn various rhythms, and build music-making skills.

While touring MIM, scouts can complete requirements toward badges and achievements:

Girl Scouts

Brownies Try-Its:

  • Arizona Native American
  • Hispanic Heritage

Juniors Badges:

  • Music Fan
  • Traveler
  • Hispanic Heritage

Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors Interest Project Patches:

On a High Note

  • Arizona American Indian Awareness
  • Hispanic Heritage

Boy Scouts

Cub Scout Rank:

  • Tiger – Stories in Shapes
  • Wolf – Collections and Hobbies
  • Bear – A World of Sound
  • Webelos and AOLs – Elective Adventure: Maestro!

Boy Scout Merit Badge:

  • Music
  • American Cultures
  • Indian Lore

Youth Group Tour Admission Fees

$8 – Student tour admission (ages 5‒18)
$2 – Signature Workshop Programs (additional, per student)

Call MIM’s School and Group Tour Coordinator at 480.245.6919 or e-mail to select your date.

Tours are offered seven days a week during regular business hours. MIM’s suggested tour time is 3:00 p.m. on weekdays, but our team will be delighted to work with you to tailor the tour’s time and length to your needs.

Minimum group size is 10 and maximum is 120.