The World’s Only Global Musical Instrument Museum


“Music is truly the universal language and the MIM knows how to speak it.”

Authorized reprint from: Paola Lopez, 14-year-old 8th grader, 
Greenway Middle School

“It is near impossible to replicate this type of learning in the classroom. There is just nothing similar that provides the opportunity to immerse a classroom in its subject matter and motivate the curiosity and interest of its students.”

Authorized reprint from: Sandy Grimes, Paradise Valley Unified –
Whispering Winds Academy, Foothills, Echo Mountain Band

Schedule a tour at the Musical Instrument Museum, Arizona’s best field-trip destination! A visit to MIM delivers exciting learning opportunities that combine arts education, social studies, and science with a fun experience! MIM tours and curriculum support Arizona academic standards and focus on the sights and sounds of musical instruments from every country and major territory in the world. Students plunge into exceptional sensory experiences, with dynamic audio and video recordings built into every exhibit. Nearly six thousand musical instruments and objects are displayed in MIM’s five major Geographical Galleries. Guideports (wireless headsets) and high-resolution video screens allow students to see, hear, and observe the instruments.

Every tour includes time in the Experience Gallery, where students can engage in valuable hands-on activities that include touching and playing authentic instruments from many different countries.


  • Choose from seven different tour formats for grades K–12, each aligning with Arizona academic standards.
  • Two-hour experience featuring orientation video, tours, free-choice learning, and time in the Experience Gallery for grades K–12. Group tours are welcome to stay longer than two hours if your time allows.
  • Tours are offered seven days a week during regular business hours. MIM suggested tour times are at 9:30 a.m. or 11:00 a.m., but our team is delighted to work with you to tailor the time and length of tour to your needs.
  • Curriculum materials are provided at no cost on the MIM website.
  • Tours are customizable for grade level.
  • $8 admission fee per student; Artist Residency program in the MIM Music Theater is an additional $2 per student.
  • Chaperones help to ensure a first-rate experience for all students. MIM recommends that the school provide one chaperone for every five elementary students and one for every ten middle- and high-school students and will admit those chaperones at no additional cost.
  • $75 deposit or a Purchase Order (P.O.) will hold the reservation and apply toward final payment.
  • MIM meets all Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for accessibility. Please notify the Education Team prior to your tour for any special-needs requests.
  • Textbook material may be reinforced with highly visual, auditory, and tactile learning.
  • Pre-visit and post-visit curriculum materials are provided at no cost for in-classroom use by teachers.

What is considered a “School Group”?

School groups are defined as groups that book a field trip during the school season (August–May) and that are arranged by a teacher or home-school educator. Any group that visits during the museum’s summer season and does not use MIM curriculum materials is subject to our regular group tour policies and rates.

School Group Tour Admission Fees

$8 – Student tour admission (grades K–12);
$2 – Artist Residency Program (additional, per student).
$2 – Signature Workshop Programs (additional, per student).

FIVE EASY STEPS to book your field trip:

Step 1
Visit and click on the “Education” tab at the top of the homepage.

Step 2
Click on “Educator Resources” for curriculum materials and to print out helpful planning resources.

Step 3
To select your desired tour date, complete the online School Tour Request Form, call MIM’s School and Group Tour Coordinator at 480.245.6919, or e-mail

Step 4
Once your tour is booked, secure your $75 deposit (P.O. #, check, or credit card) within ten business days to hold your reservation.

Step 5
MIM will e-mail your reservation confirmation and pre-visit materials.

Reservations are required for all school groups visiting MIM and reservation requests should be submitted using the MIM School Tour Request Form. See “How to Reserve a School Group Tour” for information about requesting a visit. If you have questions, please contact the School and Group Tour Coordinator at 480.245.6919 or