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Designed by MIM Education
Download this curriculum guide to support the Musical Instruments and Animal Art of Asia
(best for grades K–2) field trip to MIM or explore individual activities and tool kits below.

Suggested Grade Levels: K–2
Gallery: Asia
Curricular Areas: English Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Visual Arts, Dance, and Physical Education

curriculum-k2_volcanofolktalesEnglish Language Arts Activity:
Volcano Folktales

Students will be able to describe the characteristics of a caldera (a volcanic feature), describe how volcanoes affect the people who live nearby, and identify Indonesia as a country lying within the Pacific Ring of Fire. By building on knowledge gained from fictional and informational texts, students will create their own story, using a volcano as a character. By doing this, students will also learn how to read and interpret folktales, scientific texts, and other media, such as videos and diagrams.
Download Entire Literature & Writing Volcano Folktales Package (PDF)

curriculum-k2_spikelutesinasia_v1Math and Visual Arts Activity:
Spike Lutes in Asia

Students will observe and discuss the spike lute, and then create their own picture of one. Students will be able to identify basic shapes present in spike lutes in MIM’s collection. They will also be able to name specific spike lutes from Asia and identify the country in which they are played.
Download Entire Geometry & Visual Arts Activity: Spike Lutes in Asia (PDF)


curriculum-k2_theliondanceArts-Integrated Movement Activity:
The Lion Dance

Students will be able to identify the cultural context of the Chinese lion dance, describe its characteristics, and identify the musical instruments used to accompany it. As a class, students will participate in a creative dance session, interpreting the adjectives they’ve brainstormed to describe the lion dance with their own, original movements. In small groups or as a class, students will produce their own version of the lion dance (using lion dance computer software) and attribute meaning to their movements.
Download Entire Lion Dance Movement Activity Package (PDF)


Designed by MIM Education
Download this curriculum guide to support to support the Sounds All Around (best for prekindergarten) field trip to MIM.

Suggested Grade Levels: Prekindergarten
Gallery: United States / Canada, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia
Curricular Areas: Fine Arts, Physical Development, Language and Literacy, Mathematics, and Social Studies

soundsallaround-3English Language Arts Activity:
Musical Play through Finger Games

Finger plays, chanted rhymes, and body games encourage self-awareness through independent movements and steady beat keeping. Participating in rhymes and full-body beat keeping reinforces language skills, increases vocabulary, and develops small- and large-muscle coordination. Short songs allow room for repetition and child-centered feedback and suggestions.
Download Musical Play through Finger Games Guide (PDF)

soundsallaround-1Arts-Integrated Movement:
Musical Play through Feathers

Students will explore slow, intentional movement with musical accompaniment. They will identify body parts and improve full-body coordination while utilizing different levels (high, low), directions (forward, backward), and movement prompts (quickly, slowly, on tiptoes, etc.).
Download Musical Play through Feathers Guide (PDF)


soundsallaround-2Math and Visual Arts:
Musical Play through Scarves

Songs with storytelling components allow children to contribute their voices to the narrative while encouraging independence. Students will utilize bilateral hand motions and naming conventions. They will also identify different colors and shapes, while engaging in symbolic play.
Download Musical Play through Scarves Guide (PDF)