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Becoming a MIM volunteer team member is a unique opportunity to support MIM’s mission. Volunteer team members play an integral role in MIM’s current and future success, which is why MIM requires that volunteer team members join and maintain a membership. All prospective volunteer team members must submit a completed application, meet with a member of the Volunteer Department, and consent to a background check and drug test. New volunteer team members must attend an orientation, and training will be provided for each assignment.

To apply, please submit an application and indicate which of the volunteer opportunities below interests you most. The minimum age to volunteer at MIM is sixteen years (with parent/guardian consent required for those below eighteen years).




Lead visitors of all ages in lively, thoughtful discussions about MIM’s collections! Museum Guides are a dynamic group dedicated to sharing their knowledge of MIM and its mission with school and public tour groups. Museum Guides must commit to forty hours of training over a ten-week period. Training topics include information about instruments in the collection, architectural facts, presentation skills, and effective touring methods. The training is offered once a year. Following this successful completion of the training and a qualifying tour, Museum Guides are asked to commit to a minimum of three tours a month.

Do you want to spend your time among the exhibits? Gallery Assistants are an extension of Guest Service in the galleries. Gallery Assistants walk through the galleries to provide guests with way-finding and information about the exhibits and the museum as well as help to ensure the safety of the guests and security of the objects.

Create a positive environment and encourage guests to play music in a dynamic, hands-on gallery at MIM. Experience Gallery Assistants provide assistance and friendly instruction on how to play various instruments, while ensuring the safety of the guests and the security of the objects.


Support the Guest Service team at the front desk by answering questions about the museum, providing assistance with the guidePORT system and headphones, and explaining MIM policies and procedures to guests. Guest Service Assistants help the team provide guests with a smooth introduction as they enter the museum and a friendly farewell as they exit.


Information Desk Assistants support Guest Service by greeting guests, assisting with way-finding, providing instruction on the use of the guidePORT system, and answering frequently asked questions about MIM, its history, policies, and programs.


Celebrate your love of music, arts, and culture by lending a hand during MIM’s special events and education programs! Events at MIM offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities—everything from aiding in fun crafts to operating a photo booth. Volunteer team members in these areas are essential to making our programs exciting and educational for all of our guests. Events Assistants are needed on weekends and evenings.